About Jansampark’s Social Media

Our mission is to spread the important decisions & reforms of the State Government to the possible beneficiaries of that scheme. Time to time we also come up with various graphical & video projects which describe the successful  implementation & outcomes of the scheme.With this information we have been able to bulid a sense of trust amongst the people of Madhya Pradesh.

About us…

Welcome to the official website of the Social Media wing , Department of Public Relation, Govt. of M.P. We are a team which operates India’s largest network of official social media accounts of a Government. We have around 300 social media accounts present over Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. We operate a official Youtube Channel in the name: Jamsampark MP.

The team also operates the official account of Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh on both Facebook & Twitter. These pages have around 25 Lakhs followers combining both Facebook & Twitter .

This state level team is headquartered in Bhopal which have a in-house network of 52 Social Media Handlers present in each district. These handlers co-ordinates with us & provide each & every news about the developmental activity of the govt. taking place in their district.

Our Vision

We strive to provide the news, Schemes & Policies of the State Government to the common people of Madhya Pradesh through various mediums of social media.      

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